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  • Celebrity Clothes from Miranda Kerr Clothes

    Celebrity Clothes from Miranda Kerr Clothes

    Miranda Kerr is better known as a model of Australia is one of the celebrity fashion favored by teenagers in general. This beautiful model also has an active role in advancing the ability to dress women in general. Many women who imitate the style of fashion Miranda Kerr. Mini dress that was often used also varied, there is a leopard print dress, floral print dress, little dress, cocktail dress for formal events and in the evening Miranda Kerr wearing evening dress. This is one celebrity clothes. Miranda Kerr certainly has tips on dressing to look elegant. Tips to dress of them is seen from the situation. If a formal event to be attended, then the clothing is worn formal dress, either cockail dress, can also one-shoulder dress, with a wide variety clothing model. Look stylish in public…

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  • Miley Cyrus Beauty as Women Reference for New Style

    Miley Cyrus Beauty as Women Reference for New Style

    Miley Cyrus as an artist becomes famous fashion of teenage trends. This singer is one reference for women beauty. Beauty is owned by Miley Cyrus is a neutral makeup. Starting from the dominant color of lipstick using a pink lipstick, metallic eyeshadow, and use neutral false eyelashes. Beauty and woman are two things that are difficult to abandon. With a face and body brush up on is simply a characteristic of Miley Cyrus. However, the makeup and supplies used by the makeup artist is branded. This is the style of today’s teenagers. Elegantly looking but did not highlight his glamor. In addition to a neutral facial makeup, which support the appearance of beauty Miley is located on the nails and hair. The hair is styled as beautiful as possible by the hairstylist her trust. In…

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  • Christina Aguilera Makeup as Women Beauty

    Christina Aguilera Makeup as Women Beauty

    Christina Aguilera is known as a public figure and a singer who with a charming appearance. In each performance, Christina Aguilera’d always use a professional makeup. charming face, plus a makeup powder branded, expensive eyeshadow, lipstick colors glamorous, make Christina as an artist who imitated performance. This become reference for women beauty. Christina Aguilera makeup is one of the women beauty that anyone wants to know. How to look beautiful like Christina Aguilera? It is the question reasonable. Everything about this artist wanted to be known. By considering the Christina Aguilera gallery, you can see Christina’s so beautiful nail colors, a stunning face and bright lipstick. False eyelashes worn Christina Aguilera looks natural because it fitted by experts. While…

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  • Kate Moss Style with  Bags Collection As Women Fashion

    Kate Moss Style with Bags Collection As Women Fashion

    Kate Moss is known as a fashion supermodel course, is a reference for the women to be more stylish. This is one reference for those who want to look stylish with Kate Moss Style as your reference. Kate Moss fashion with bags collection are featured in various types and brands. Kate Moss has a good collection of envelope clutch handbags, tote bags, shoulder bags, both from Longchamp bag, Louis Vuitton bags, Channel bags, branded bags etc. Kate Moss bag collection made of material that certainly qualified, taht consist of crocodile handbags, black leather handbags and black and white bags made of quality materials. Look stylish with the famous brand of handbags is one of style as supermodel.   Kate Moss look stylish and elegantĀ  with a black handbags, whether it’s black leather…

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