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  • The Best Shoes at New York Fashion Week 2012 as Spring Shoes

    The Best Shoes at New York Fashion Week 2012 as Spring Shoes

    In New York and a country that has different seasons throughout the year, usually have shoes that fit the trend of the season in the country. For example in New York, the spring season, the shoe also follow the trend at that time. This is the Best Shoes at New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 which is also the best Spring Shoes are much favored by fashion lovers. Various kinds of shoe also performed at the grand event at the New York Runway. There can be known to some of the best shoes are elegant and graceful really significant stuff. Some of them are the shoes from famous designers. As Christian Louboutin heels, Marc Jacobs shoes, Elie Tahari and many more designers coming into the nominated best shoe on the New York Runway. A variety of elegant spring shoes become the trend in 2012.…

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  • Rihanna Heels as Women Heels Fashion

    Rihanna Heels as Women Heels Fashion

    Heels of Rihanna’s fashion is a diverse collection of heels. Rihana shoes line is present to inspiring women in the world with a wide range of high-heeled shoes. Rihanna is present in every event with high heels. This is a very spectacular fashion women. The women can see a gallery of Rihanna as a fashion heels. Some famous brands pumps is one of Rihanna heels. One is a collection of Rihanna’s heels Christian Louboutin shoes. Rihanna’s frequent use of pumps with this brand. Additionally Marc Jacobs Sandals is one brand that is often wears sandals. There are also other types of heels that are often used by Rihana is black patent leather pumps, blue pumps, peep-toe pumps, pink pumps (color pumps), strappy pumps, evening sandals and heels with a wide range of famous…

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  • Jessica Alba High Heels as Celebrity Fashion

    Jessica Alba High Heels as Celebrity Fashion

    Walking in high heels is a lifestyle of celebrities, including Jessica Alba. This woman is a lover of heels and woven sandals. In each setting, she uses the heels woven with a variety of beautiful. This is a fashion shoes that can be used as a line of fashion, especially shoes and sandals. This is  celebrity fashion. Jessica Alba is using a heels shoes in every departure. He used various ankle boots while traveling or just shopping. In addition she wear boots, either to knee high boots and ankle boots, which are often worn by celebrities this is gorgeous strappy sandals. When the pregnancy was still a favorite heels for her. With the best material, Jessica chose sandals or high heels personalized. A fashion trend of today can you see in the Jessica Alba gallery as celebrity…

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  • Beyonce Heels Fashion for Women

    Beyonce Heels Fashion for Women

    Fashion today has become a primary need for the modern woman. By accessing information on fashion, women looking for how to style a celebrity today. Beyonce Heels now become one of the trendsetters fashion for women. High heels are a pride for women in the world. Wearing high heels on a specific event to increasing woman’s confidence. A fashion trend is present with respect to Beyonce Knowles, a fashion designer and also a famous singer to become a trend for the fans. Now Beyonce’s shoes can be the trend for teenagers today. By wearing high heels, Beyoncé invites women to look feminine in all conditions. Is the current stage or while traveling, has become a fashion heels. Beyonce shoe collection of course a comfortable high heels. Women with all the beauty that has…

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