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Gold Jewelry by Dior as Women Collection – Bracelet and Ring

Gold Jewelry by Dior as Women Collection – Bracelet and Ring

Gold Ring

This is women collection by Dior as Dior Jewelry with some of design. It is Gold that become main material that arrange it into a unique design. This is bracelet and ring from Dior as Famous Designer that can be reference for women to choose jewelry for her activity or party. Some of celebrity will choose it for them formal party. This is precious metals which are favored by many women in the world. Some designs of Dior is designed specifically to increase the attractiveness and interest in the precious metal. There are also presented by the gold color is in the form of white gold, pink gold, and yellow gold. And you can choose according to your favorite.

Here are presented some reference gold rings are very unique. In the form of gold ring designed as an interpretation of ‘Cannage’ design which is a appreciation of a symbol that is so wonderful to be a private collection, the House of Dior. This is My Dior golden ring symbolizing eternal love is presented with a unique design in the form of golden mesh, woven straw, or a precious ribbon that can be interpreted as a symbol of friendship and love a man who wanted lasting love. My Dior present it in 18K yellow gold. Besides the golden ring, there are Ring in 18K yellow gold and diamonds that add a beautiful finger while wearing them.

Cuff bracelet with precious stones very pretty in use on your wrist that its every stone is designed with beautiful colors. Bracelet in 18K yellow gold and diamonds are also a jewelry collection that can add to the beauty of women with this precious metal. Women love beauty, and precious metals designed by Dior is a step towards beauty for women, Gold jewelry.

Ring in Gold and Diamonds

Gold Bracelet

Bracelet in Gold

Photo Courtesy of Dior


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