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Rose Jewelry by Dior as Women Collection with Diamonds- Gold Ring

Gold Ring – A design that shows that this is a precious jewelry is began with the main compiler materials of jewelry. This precious metal as designed by Dior as Dior Collection with ring in diamonds and gold just so pretty. Jewelry the show described romance someone through a rose stem entwined around the finger, a symbol of eternal love. A collection of simple yet so fascinating is the ring in yellow gold and white gold flower shaped very graceful circle around your finger.

In addition, there is also a very unique design studded with diamonds with a unique design as well, it becomes a very fancy jewelry. There are also other designs of Dior with the color gold that can be customized to your favorite. The ring in pink gold and pink diamonds. As you can see on the picture, it’s so pretty and looks luxurious. Yellow gold and yellow diamonds also participated in enliven the collection of Dior with the shape of a flower as its main design. Beauty is in your hands if you know how to choose the right jewelry with choose rose jewelry by Dior as Designer jewelry.

Luxury Jewelry with Diamonds

Pink Gold and Gold Ring

Ring with Rose in Gold and Diamond

Ring in Gold and Diamonds

Photo Courtesy of Dior


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