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black patent leather pumps

  • Shoes Trend by Dior as Women Collection Footwear

    Shoes Trend by Dior as Women Collection Footwear

    A present shoes trend of designer footwear, Christian Dior, as women collection of brand shoes. This is a heels with good quality. Is a unique design with a neat implementation. This designer collection for women. A trend which is used as a collection for women is a shoe that is also called a sandal because can show your beautiful legs. Some collection of Dior are black patent leather pumps, pale pink patent leather sandals, Studded Platform Sandal with a different kind. Dior is a designer whose work was much awaited by the fashionistas with the latest trend. For example, the pale pink sandals. This is a design that is designed so well with the colors that emphasize the feminine side of a woman. It was so beautiful with a jewel sandals accessories are apparent. To increase the comfort in…

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  • Rihanna Heels as Women Heels Fashion

    Rihanna Heels as Women Heels Fashion

    Heels of Rihanna’s fashion is a diverse collection of heels. Rihana shoes line is present to inspiring women in the world with a wide range of high-heeled shoes. Rihanna is present in every event with high heels. This is a very spectacular fashion women. The women can see a gallery of Rihanna as a fashion heels. Some famous brands pumps is one of Rihanna heels. One is a collection of Rihanna’s heels Christian Louboutin shoes. Rihanna’s frequent use of pumps with this brand. Additionally Marc Jacobs Sandals is one brand that is often wears sandals. There are also other types of heels that are often used by Rihana is black patent leather pumps, blue pumps, peep-toe pumps, pink pumps (color pumps), strappy pumps, evening sandals and heels with a wide range of famous brand…

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