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Elie Tahari handbags

  • Handbags for Fall by Elie Tahari as Women Fashion Bags

    Handbags for Fall by Elie Tahari as Women Fashion Bags

    This fall handbags for women who attend the collection as a reference for you, the women. Present a design for women concerned about fashion. Elie Tahari handbags design some very suitable for complete fashion collection for women. Leather handbag with any large size suitable for your current fall collection. Colors presented by this type of bag is a natural color. Designed with double top handles are woven on the bottom, that consist of brown color that enhanced the red color and is certainly designed from croc leather. Black color combination in blue was present as the design of Elie. Elie was always looking for another great idea to add a reference for women. That the design of red leather bags and black leather bags (leather croc). And many more collections that can be a good idea…

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  • Elie Tahari Handbags as Women Collection – Leather Bag

    Elie Tahari Handbags as Women Collection – Leather Bag

    Snake Handbag Elie Tahari Handbags – This simple and elegant look of name brand collection by Elie Tahari that made of leather. With quality materials are used as a leather bag and has a function other than as a fashion bag, it can be used as a place to store valuables goods while traveling. Designed as the hottest trend of handbags according to the needs of modern women. An appreciation of the women who love wth designer collection as a wardrobe collection. Therefore, the Elie Tahari designed this bag with wide front pocket as a small store where women’s needs. Another virtue of this bag is a hidden zipper to make it as a collection of designer handbags favored by women who often carry value small items of , such as mobile phones. Leather that is used as the main constituent…

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