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  • Celebrity Makeup from Megan Fox Beauty Style

    Celebrity Makeup from Megan Fox Beauty Style

    One more celebrity makeup styles contributing in the beauty of women. Megan Fox makeup that comes in different variations. She brought a stylish makeup that can make the charmed every eye that sees. Megan Fox makeover starting from polishing the face to nail salon. Beauty style celebrity can not be separated from its makeover makeup artist. Like Fox, she got feedback from various stakeholders about beauty and makeup by doing a makeover. You can do it at home. By wearing makeup that suits your face. if you have a skin color and facial shape like Megan Fox, you can follow the following makeup tips. At first you clean your face with facial cleanser that suits your skin condition, then clean the face. Rub the face with a moisturizer, then add the powder foundation in order to survive. To…

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  • Christina Aguilera Makeup as Women Beauty

    Christina Aguilera Makeup as Women Beauty

    Christina Aguilera is known as a public figure and a singer who with a charming appearance. In each performance, Christina Aguilera’d always use a professional makeup. charming face, plus a makeup powder branded, expensive eyeshadow, lipstick colors glamorous, make Christina as an artist who imitated performance. This become reference for women beauty. Christina Aguilera makeup is one of the women beauty that anyone wants to know. How to look beautiful like Christina Aguilera? It is the question reasonable. Everything about this artist wanted to be known. By considering the Christina Aguilera gallery, you can see Christina’s so beautiful nail colors, a stunning face and bright lipstick. False eyelashes worn Christina Aguilera looks natural because it fitted by experts. While…

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