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  • Fashion Trend of Avril Lavigne Clothing Line

    Fashion Trend of Avril Lavigne Clothing Line

    Avril Lavigne dress style no doubt as one of the fashion trendsetter for women. This is one singer who always perform  as different style and look elegant even with her rock style. A dress style that refers to the famous designer. Avril often wearing Abbey Dawn clothing in some activities. In a variety of events, Avril wearing a dress is not absolute. But she would often use branded T-Shirt and elegant in some event. Shown that’s casual style of Avril Lavigne. As a fashion trend, Avril introduces to the world that to look pretty not only use Heels or wear evening dress. But wearing a T-shirt even made an appearance more beautiful style. Suppose to shop in expensive shopping malls, Avril rarely wore a mini dress for example. She seems more comfortable using the ripped jeans, a…

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