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  • Beyonce Pulse as New Perfume, Celebrity Perfume

    Beyonce Pulse as New Perfume, Celebrity Perfume

    Beyonce Pulse as new perfume is a perfume that is made on behalf of Beyonce Knowles as a fashion icon in the world, fragrance for women. Perfume was created as a tribute to the powerful and feminine style that attaches to the figure of Beyonce. The results of cooperation with fragrance company that is trusted by this beautiful singer, Beyonce Heat Perfume same as previously released. Beyonce perfume is a fragrance that is deliberately designed to increase adrenaline women to always feel strong and feel the power is always there by his side. With this blue perfume, Perfume Fashion Beyonce has created for the world. Fragrances posed by Beyonce Pulse is a blend of pear blossom, citrus, peony, jasmine, Madagascar vanilla orchid and bluebird, Beyonce’s favorite flower fragrance that…

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  • Beyonce Knowles Heat Perfume-Fragrance for Women

    Beyonce Knowles Heat Perfume-Fragrance for Women

    Beyonce perfume heat is first fragrance from Beyonce that very elegant. Present as Beyonce Fragrance for women who symbolize the character of the artist. Packed with red color that reflects that Beyonce is one powerful, hot and really liked the color red. Packed with attractive packaging, fragrances are refreshing and certainly includ branded perfume. When launching Heat perfume, in this case Beyonce is certainly a figura for advertising. Published by images with professional quality. Designed by a photographer and a reliable crew. Heat is present as a perfume and the woman known as the luxury perfume with a very pleasant fragrance. This is heat by Beyonce that presen as fragrance for…

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