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  • Celebrity Shoes for Fall as Affordable Footwear

    Celebrity Shoes for Fall as Affordable Footwear

    Not all celebrity footwear is a collection of branded and expensive. There are several affordable shoe collection which is owned by some famous celebrity. For example, Alexa Chung and Sarah Jessica Parker, both of celebrity is a famous public figure. But for some occasions, they appear to use affordable shoes for fall trend. A fashion shoes which takes the theme of affordable fashion. By using reference 10 affordable shoes below when fall arrives, you will be more fashionable and very comfortable. Here are 10 affordable footwear collection as fall as a celebrity trend. 1. Smoking Slipper, Celebrity footwear Shown with a smoking style slipper with a variety of colors are very attractive. Shown slipper style with a collection of celebrity smoking like Alexa Chung and Sarah Jessica…

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