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skinny jeans for women

  • The “Skinny” On Skinny Jeans

    The “Skinny” On Skinny Jeans

    Stop the presses. You don’t have to be skinny to wear “skinny.” In fact, the skinny jean is about a look, not a waistline. “The resurgence of skinny and straight jeans is part of a modern ’80s trend built from familiar favorite looks,” says Caroline Calvin, Levi’s® brand senior vice president of global creative design. “Straight has been around since the invention of the 501® over 130 years ago. Skinny is built from a sexy rocker look and both will be hot this year with women and men.” She added that while the leg opening remains at the forefront, “there are some easy ways to take advantage of this look and some interesting trends within the trend to note.” Caroline Calvin Offers The Skinny On How To Wear…

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