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  • Designer Collection: Christian Dior Handbags at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012

    Designer Collection: Christian Dior Handbags at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012

    Christian Dior Handbags -This present designer collection of Christian Dior with good quality and of course made by a professional hand. This is the handbags as a branded wardrobe collection for women. Some pictures below were taken from the Paris fashion week fall 2012. It is collection that can make you more stylish. At the Paris fashion show, you can see some of the collection designed by Dior to complement your fall. Leather handbags come with a different view, take you on a perfection in style- Bags by Dior. Women who make this a special collection for her wardrobe then, will look more beautiful. Branded clutch, chain branded bags, and tote bags from Miss Dior and Lady Dior is very luxurious collection. In the fashion of this grand event, shown some of the collection bag from…

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  • Beyonce Knowles Bags of Style

    Beyonce Knowles Bags of Style

    As a famous artist Beyonce Knowles with her bags asĀ  celebrity handbags became a trendsetter in bag fashion. Many fans who idolized the leading artists of this style collect some of Beyonce handbags and wear it, make you so fashionable. A fashion that is used at official events as well as recreation and while shopping. One current need is a bag with a variety of styles. She is using a variety of bags in any condition. Such as when shopping, a style that is revealed using a combined pants and shirt with brown bags. While we were traveling in the crowd, you can apply the style of Beyonce with her white bag with a portable back. This is one style that the fans of this famous artist as a fashion trend. Various branded handbags and a variety of styles is reflected in the style shown by…

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